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Exchange :
Index Name
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S&P BSE SENSEX36021.4235843.700.50
S&P BSE 10010707.5610648.430.56
S&P BSE 2004476.464451.140.57
S&P BSE 50013798.5613721.360.56
S&P BSE INFOTECH15480.8315304.031.16
S&P BSE FMCG11429.2511356.800.64
S&P BSE CAPITAL GOODS13109.4212894.901.66
S&P BSE CONSUMER DURABLES21003.1220822.970.87
S&P BSE HEALTHCARE16344.0616284.830.36
S&P BSE DOLLEX – 200996.99990.590.65
S&P BSE TECK INDEX7862.257737.061.62
S&P BSE PUBLIC SECTOR4988.314952.890.72
S&P BSE DOLLEX – 303956.173933.640.57
S&P BSE BANKEX24794.5124890.90-0.39
S&P BSE AUTO INDEX15817.3415685.950.84
S&P BSE METAL INDEX7253.447290.84-0.51
S&P BSE OIL & GAS INDEX13013.3612895.450.91
S&P BSE Mid-Cap13288.7013215.040.56
S&P BSE Small-Cap12603.0212543.450.47
S&P BSE DOLLEX – 1001481.801472.490.63
S&P BSE Realty Index1594.751578.321.04
S&P BSE Power Index1607.021579.731.73
S&P BSE IPO Index5091.995046.480.90
S&P BSE GREENEX2610.642585.400.98
S&P BSE CARBONEX1730.121720.970.53
S&P BSE SME IPO1411.491414.61-0.22
S&P BSE INFRA141.55140.660.63
S&P BSE Basic Materials2436.302437.27-0.04
S&P BSE Consumer Disc.3225.153204.440.65
S&P BSE Finance5084.875103.27-0.36
S&P BSE Industrials2380.972349.491.34
S&P BSE Energy5459.435386.421.36
S&P BSE Telecom1348.671303.713.45
S&P BSE Utilities1591.621579.420.77
S&P BSE LargeCap4088.644065.680.56
S&P Bse Allcap3920.083898.520.55
Price Earning Ratio BSE3018.0118.010.00
Price Earning Ratio BSE10019.3319.330.00
Price Earning Ratio BSE20019.9419.940.00
Price Book Value Ratio BSE302.622.620.00
Price Book Value Ratio BSE1002.362.360.00
Price Book Value Ratio BSE2002.382.380.00
Yield BSE301.481.480.00
Yield BSE1001.501.500.00
Yield BSE2001.501.500.00
S&P BSE India Manufacturing421.30418.740.61
S&P BSE SmallCap Select Index2260.322246.130.63
S&P BSE MidCap Select Index5527.465483.510.80
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