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Exchange :
Index Name
Prev. Close
S&P Bse Sensex57925.2858214.59-0.50
S&P Bse 10017340.3417420.23-0.46
S&P Bse 2007296.277326.79-0.42
S&P Bse 50022913.8023003.85-0.39
S&P Bse Information Technology27820.9928047.19-0.81
S&P Bse Fast Moving Consumer Goods16259.9316215.220.28
S&P Bse Capital Goods34386.6034511.59-0.36
S&P Bse Consumer Durables37982.5537974.860.02
S&P Bse Healthcare21654.0221627.940.12
S&P Bse Dollex 2001477.041475.860.08
S&P Bse Teck12735.4512801.38-0.52
S&P Bse PSU9431.029516.57-0.90
S&P Bse Dollex 305782.495782.600.00
S&P Bse Bankex44907.1745324.12-0.92
S&P Bse Auto28120.3528102.380.06
S&P Bse Metal19129.3919083.810.24
S&P Bse Oil & Gas17630.5717638.72-0.05
S&P Bse MidCap23933.0224041.70-0.45
S&P Bse SmallCap27139.9327181.06-0.15
S&P Bse Dollex 1002181.182180.370.04
S&P Bse Realty3117.693149.59-1.01
S&P Bse Power3674.803650.360.67
S&P Bse IPO7797.377797.96-0.01
S&P Bse Greenex4313.474314.49-0.02
S&P Bse Carbonex2826.932839.95-0.46
S&P Bse SME IPO24197.8224334.75-0.56
S&P BSE India Infrastructure Index286.40285.830.20
S&P Bse CPSE1711.991720.22-0.48
S&P BSE Commodities5591.915591.910.00
S&P BSE Consumer Discretionary & Services6037.436037.430.00
S&P BSE Financial Services8603.198603.190.00
S&P Bse Industrials7032.147042.38-0.15
S&P Bse Energy7467.347480.07-0.17
S&P BSE Telecommunication1534.281528.780.36
S&P Bse Utilities2888.552874.170.50
S&P Bse LargeCap6493.656520.48-0.41
S&P Bse Allcap6580.676605.85-0.38
BSE - 30 PE18.0118.010.00
BSE - 100 PE19.3319.330.00
BSE - 200 PE19.9419.940.00
BSE - 30 Price to Book Value2.622.620.00
BSE - 100 BV2.362.360.00
BSE 200 - BV2.382.380.00
BSE - 30 Yield1.481.480.00
BSE - 100 Yield1.501.500.00
BSE - 200 Yield1.501.500.00
S&P Bse India Manufacturing Index669.20669.66-0.07
S&P Bse SmallCap Select Index4557.294558.02-0.02
S&P Bse MidCap Select Index8874.178913.49-0.44
S&P Bse Enhanced Value Index466.11469.10-0.64
S&P Bse Low Volatility Index1190.101191.71-0.14
S&P BSE Momentum Index1070.231074.95-0.44
S&P Bse Quality Index1133.561139.37-0.51
S&P Bse Sensex 5017953.4618034.08-0.45
S&P Bse Sensex Next 5045917.2046161.89-0.53
S&P Bse Bharat 22 Index4831.674846.72-0.31
S&P Bse 100 ESG Index284.18285.54-0.48
S&P Bse Dividend Stability Index603.62605.42-0.30
S&P Bse 150 MidCap Index8536.158567.43-0.37
S&P Bse 250 SmallCap Index3695.233705.04-0.26
S&P Bse 250 LargeMidCap Index6901.546929.35-0.40
S&P Bse 400 MidSmallCap Index6451.836473.37-0.33
S&P BSE Diversified Financials Revenue Growth Index977.92982.18-0.43
S&P Bse 100 LargeCap TMC Index6167.626192.91-0.41
S&P Bse Private Banks Index14818.5314944.61-0.84
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