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Exchange :
Index Name
Prev. Close
S&P BSE SENSEX48732.5548690.800.09
S&P BSE 10014926.6114966.84-0.27
S&P BSE 2006347.556377.23-0.47
S&P BSE 50019862.2319967.98-0.53
S&P BSE INFOTECH26131.5626343.90-0.81
S&P BSE FMCG12990.4212735.522.00
S&P BSE CAPITAL GOODS21334.3021203.430.62
S&P BSE CONSUMER DURABLES31574.6531508.600.21
S&P BSE HEALTHCARE24090.6224383.95-1.20
S&P BSE DOLLEX – 2001442.631446.25-0.25
S&P BSE TECK INDEX11761.4311863.92-0.86
S&P BSE PUBLIC SECTOR7146.267307.12-2.20
S&P BSE DOLLEX – 305461.665445.270.30
S&P BSE BANKEX36599.9136899.57-0.81
S&P BSE AUTO INDEX22031.1722486.82-2.03
S&P BSE METAL INDEX18777.0619480.98-3.61
S&P BSE OIL & GAS INDEX15583.3315852.48-1.70
S&P BSE Mid-Cap20507.7920744.80-1.14
S&P BSE Small-Cap22200.5422466.28-1.18
S&P BSE DOLLEX – 1002107.922109.05-0.05
S&P BSE Realty Index2388.852470.66-3.31
S&P BSE Power Index2643.112666.99-0.90
S&P BSE IPO Index9411.079508.59-1.03
S&P BSE GREENEX3841.733887.57-1.18
S&P BSE CARBONEX2422.462431.69-0.38
S&P BSE SME IPO2585.442564.290.82
S&P BSE INFRA229.11231.90-1.20
S&P BSE Basic Materials4939.635021.11-1.62
S&P BSE Consumer Disc.4550.084554.38-0.09
S&P BSE Finance7210.757262.69-0.72
S&P BSE Industrials4296.914329.57-0.75
S&P BSE Energy6259.386261.22-0.03
S&P BSE Telecom1382.931391.01-0.58
S&P BSE Utilities2323.992374.86-2.14
S&P BSE LargeCap5672.115689.49-0.31
S&P Bse Allcap5679.775710.44-0.54
Price Earning Ratio BSE3018.0118.010.00
Price Earning Ratio BSE10019.3319.330.00
Price Earning Ratio BSE20019.9419.940.00
Price Book Value Ratio BSE302.622.620.00
Price Book Value Ratio BSE1002.362.360.00
Price Book Value Ratio BSE2002.382.380.00
Yield BSE301.481.480.00
Yield BSE1001.501.500.00
Yield BSE2001.501.500.00
S&P BSE India Manufacturing567.12564.610.44
S&P BSE SmallCap Select Index3833.843896.57-1.61
S&P BSE MidCap Select Index8232.538266.62-0.41
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