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Exchange :
Index Name
Prev. Close
S&P Bse Sensex65508.3266118.69-0.92
S&P Bse 10019992.4020202.27-1.04
S&P Bse 2008551.528641.73-1.04
S&P Bse 50027213.5327479.02-0.97
S&P Bse Information Technology32144.6132745.59-1.84
S&P Bse Fast Moving Consumer Goods18583.5718912.21-1.74
S&P Bse Capital Goods47363.3547225.590.29
S&P Bse Consumer Durables45296.9645890.40-1.29
S&P Bse Healthcare27879.1728071.78-0.69
S&P Bse Dollex 2001711.571729.10-1.01
S&P Bse Teck14482.1014701.86-1.49
S&P Bse PSU12424.6512490.30-0.53
S&P Bse Dollex 306465.546523.83-0.89
S&P Bse Bankex49842.0550085.66-0.49
S&P Bse Auto36431.7336890.34-1.24
S&P Bse Metal22594.5922833.20-1.04
S&P Bse Oil & Gas18782.4118938.17-0.82
S&P Bse MidCap31923.8432309.87-1.19
S&P Bse SmallCap37347.5737476.71-0.34
S&P Bse Dollex 1002486.342511.67-1.01
S&P Bse Realty4564.574609.87-0.98
S&P Bse Power4612.594635.37-0.49
S&P Bse IPO10778.7210675.080.97
S&P Bse Greenex5209.875274.34-1.22
S&P Bse Carbonex3253.213288.10-1.06
S&P Bse SME IPO35116.7935103.250.04
S&P BSE India Infrastructure Index381.91382.78-0.23
S&P Bse CPSE2297.572308.89-0.49
S&P BSE Commodities5706.615776.77-1.21
S&P BSE Consumer Discretionary & Services6937.817018.62-1.15
S&P BSE Financial Services9550.739611.38-0.63
S&P Bse Industrials10078.9610080.74-0.02
S&P Bse Energy8353.448419.46-0.78
S&P BSE Telecommunication2092.752089.210.17
S&P Bse Utilities3691.613699.32-0.21
S&P Bse LargeCap7415.947491.28-1.01
S&P Bse Allcap7904.387978.40-0.93
BSE - 30 PE18.0118.010.00
BSE - 100 PE19.3319.330.00
BSE - 200 PE19.9419.940.00
BSE - 30 Price to Book Value2.622.620.00
BSE - 100 BV2.362.360.00
BSE 200 - BV2.382.380.00
BSE - 30 Yield1.481.480.00
BSE - 100 Yield1.501.500.00
BSE - 200 Yield1.501.500.00
S&P Bse India Manufacturing Index798.34807.17-1.09
S&P Bse SmallCap Select Index5712.895723.82-0.19
S&P Bse MidCap Select Index11537.9011725.52-1.60
S&P Bse Enhanced Value Index602.13607.26-0.84
S&P Bse Low Volatility Index1385.051402.20-1.22
S&P BSE Momentum Index1434.931450.81-1.09
S&P Bse Quality Index1326.901342.88-1.19
S&P Bse Sensex 5020467.6820666.05-0.96
S&P Bse Sensex Next 5056216.5557054.52-1.47
S&P Bse Bharat 22 Index6125.926131.45-0.09
S&P Bse 100 ESG Index319.33322.90-1.11
S&P Bse Dividend Stability Index718.08725.73-1.05
S&P Bse 150 MidCap Index11147.1311272.38-1.11
S&P Bse 250 SmallCap Index5003.015021.23-0.36
S&P Bse 250 LargeMidCap Index8104.918188.71-1.02
S&P Bse 400 MidSmallCap Index8527.608601.44-0.86
S&P BSE Diversified Financials Revenue Growth Index1214.641228.34-1.12
S&P Bse 100 LargeCap TMC Index7085.397157.20-1.00
S&P Bse Private Banks Index16482.5416621.70-0.84
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