4.   The Trading Platform


You may setup your own screen with whatever window sizing & their placement as per our requirement. However we have tired to arrange the windows & size them in a manner we thought is the best way to view & access all the live info available in the system









































This screen contains the following information:


A. Indices

Live Sensex & Nifty Indices


B. Market Watch

The Market Watch would display information regarding stocks which user has chosen to monitor.


C. Advance / Declines


D. Exchange Turnover

Equity turnover of both the exchanges & FNO turnover of NSE is displayed.


E. Name

Displays user name (which is your Client Code)


F. Bulk Trade

Gives bulk trade information. User can customize it by giving quantity & value. All stocks trading at same or higher quantity or value would be shown in this window.


G. Action Watch

Stocks trading at days high or days low would be displayed here immediately.


H. Market Summary

This window would display Advances / Declines, Best / Worst 20 stocks & Top traded stocks for the day.


I. Indices

User can view all the indices in the same window.


J. Market Depth & Share Price Window

After selecting any stock user can see the best five buyers / sellers & share price chart.


K. Exchange Messages


L. Order & Trade Confirmation



Various icons on the top right have many more features apart from Bulk Trade, Action Watch, Indices & Market Summary, such as Black Scholes Option calculator, Pointer fundamental info viewer (will give all the latest news on all stocks) & our Daily Newsletter Daily Pointer.



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